Investigative Journalism

Some journalists wait for news to happen. Some try to manufacture it. This site is devoted to those who want to find the story, excavating public information from documents and data, creating powerful works from facts that are hiding in plain sight.

This ever-evolving site is an extension of training panels I’ve conducted nationally. And it’s a reflection of the many journalists who’ve freely shared tips and techniques with me over the years.

Whether print or broadcast, digital or hybrid – the foundation of good journalism remains the same. Use the tabs above (or click the links below) to navigate throughout the site.

This site is brand new and under constant construction as more material flows into the pages. Happy hunting.

FIND THE STORY – WEB LINKS is a collection of links to my favorite story hunting grounds

WEB SPOTLIGHT highlights a specific web link of extraordinary value (updated monthly)

DATABASE SPOTLIGHT features a public database that yields countless stories (updated monthly)

HANDOUTS is a source for information distributed during training panels nationally

WA WEB LINKS spotlights valuable Washington websites

ABOUT outlines my background in journalism and links to recent projects



Back to the Future of Newspapers

A 1981 television news report predicts the digital future

(Click the video to start or go here to YouTube page)